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Monday, June 30, 2008

30 JUNE 2008

Hi all 06A13 people who are alive and still vigilant by this lifeless page(how can it be?!). Chia has made an awesome decision of dropping by just before June fades into yet another abandoned page of the calendar, to take you through a mini wave of nostalgia. And in no order of chronology, here it goes:


9:24 PM}

&say again?

there can be no other.

&who we are

Fuji Fungg Hongwei Guo Bin Jay Jeriel Jianyang Jonathan Junhong Junhua Kar Weng Kenneth Lee Yang Lyly Olivia Paula Peiyu Ruiyi Shijia Shum Tracee Yeekai
Ying Dan Yingtse Yvonne

&hello fools

guo bin fungmin junhua junhong jonathan olivia paula tracee yvonne

&something to say


&do not rip