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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

yingtse says:
Hey everyone! noticed how dead this blog was, and i really wonder how many of us actually still frequent this place! anyway, i'm probably the biggest slacker in class. i still only work 2 days a week HAHA. i even taught a BLIND student how to play violin beat that!! but anyway, i guess the pay is still good, comparatively. i like slacking most days anyway. told my boss i wouldn't be free on weekdays hurhur. and so, i've alr told you guys what i've been up to these days!
well i've still been doing my aerobic exercises rather faithfully on my exercise mat. and here are some pics of my cat being her usual weird self as i do my situps and crunches. (my cat's eyes look funny and maybe devilish to fungmin, but it's only cuz the camera's shaking:)

why yes, that's me sweating it out.

me telling my cat to get a life.

she insisted on staying put.

also, i discovered this strange "Women's Health" pamphlet in my house tt actually advocates one of gb's highly embarrassing antics. i've got proof:


really hope to see you guys soon! meanwhile everyone take care:)

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