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Monday, January 14, 2008

For the NS guys who are currently or going to embark on their all expenses paid resort stay at a certain offshore island... Came across this while moulding the nation you all are defending :D

Boys in Jungle Green

These are our common boys in jungle green
Upon whom we trust a role at home.
For will and muscle to grow on bone,
Young men will have to be brave men.

The parade ground is harsh bitumen
And harder still the corporal’s lash.
Hours drag like a sacrifice…
Tomorrow is the same refrain.

Jungle, river, valley and hill
The elemental lash of rain and sun.
Despite blisters, cramps, faintings even,
The mud on your face is soil, your soil.

Here you will dig a trench today
So your neighbour will know
You’re doing it for a tomorrow
You shall greet a five each day.

Rooting green and steady
Among the people sent
That they may know, when we all plant
Tomorrow grows on our tree.

So these our boys in jungle green
Shall secure our home.
Will and muscle shall grow on bone
And young men be brave men.

Love, leeyang

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