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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

wonka says:

hey people,

to nicely conclude the agonising yet eventful 2007, our class is going to have the much-anticipated X'mas-New Year party on the 30th (Sun)! Many thanks to Jian Yang, who has kindly booked his condo's function room to house all of us.

Jian Yang's address: Clementi Park 137 Sunset Way #10-0
Venue: Function Room
Time: 6.00 - 10.30 pm

His place is not that assessible, thus he suggested meeting at Clementi MRT Station at 5.20pm. Any person later than 540pm will have to make his/her own way to JY's place kay. Sorry.

Alright for this party, there will be FOOD, games, music and a gift exchange segment. Everyone, do bring a present along!

I capitalised FOOD because it's the slightly more problematic segment of the entire party. In addition to the rice/beehoon that will be provided, the other dishes will be pot luck style. I am generating a food list and I will confirm with each of you as to what FOOD you can bring. Be mentally prepared and my calls (which also serve to confirm attendance) will haunt you tmr evening.

That's all folks! Can't believe that this plan is materialised! (: Wishing all a belated X'mas!

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