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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hello guys hope your holidays have been fruitful and all thus far! Anw here're some updates on the class chalet thing.

Coasta sands actually has space for the whole of january so its a good thing however there are constrictions because of the guys NS enlistment thingey and those who are working as well. Also, some people may not be available because they're going overseas.

In view of such, there are two possible options:

1. 3D2N Chalet and booking 2 rooms (1 guys 1 girls for sleeping if any)

One thing good abt this is that those people working shoud be able to turn up. However, some people may have to go to Church. Also, Olivia and Karweng may be overseas during this period.

2. 2D1N Chalet, booking 2 rooms like above.

This arrangement might be problematic for the people who are working. However oli karweng will be able to make it. Shdn't be a problem for those that have to go to Church.

Please tag your preferred option. If Option 2 is preferred please indicate a preferred weekday. Or if any weekday is fine.

Thank you (:

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