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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hello guys,

for those who weren't online, we had this msn conversation that agreed that we should make our lit revision easier by splitting the work. With regard to the lit comparison of themes.

Here's what we are going to do:

1. Each person will be in charge of the comparison of ONE theme across all 3 texts.

2. Each person will then do a thorough job of comparing and fill up the template that is attached in this email.

3. The template will require you to come up with 4 broad topic sentences/points of comparison for each theme and the relevant quotes/dramatic method from each text. It would be good to follow the template: One topic sentence per page, include page numbers for reference, type the beginning and end of the quote!
4. If the topic sentence/point of comparison does not apply to one particular text, simply put 'NA' in the column.

5. It would be good to have some added elaboration about the quote(s) if you have the time.

6. If you can't come up with 4 different points of comparison for your theme, it's okay. But try to make the point of comparison specific! Like what does it say about the nature of that theme.

I have randomly allocated themes for each person. If you are not keen on doing this, please give me a sms.

(These themes have been derived from past A Level papers and our own lessons. Reflective of universal themes found in lit.)

Yingtse - women (includes roles, presentation, hazards, oppression, gender roles: masculinity)
Yeekai - social order and self (private vs public, establishment vs self)
Yvonne - familial love, spousal love (2 topic sentences each)
Tracy - religious love, brotherly love, courtship (2 topic sentences each)
Guobin - perverse love, engineered love (2 topic sentences each)
Ruiyi - character archetypes (all the lamia, wandering jew... got more.)
Oli - nature
Lee Yang - methods
Jun Hong - past/memory
Jeriel - death (includes transformation of self, moral decay, separation)
Jay - supernatural/art (adversaries, helpers, illusion, transformation, magical powers n objects, can b linked to contestation between gd n evil)
Jian Yang - human greatness/ambition/futility, quest/journey, human fallibility
Hongwei - revenge
Fungmin - power, politics, authority, imperialism, justice
Jon - appearance vs reality
Paula - loss (ideals, innocence)
Fuji - private vs. public (self, society, isolation)
Karweng - dreams/dreaming/imagination/consciousness, madness, irrationality, states of mind psyho analysis
Shum - the imagination in general
Kenny - power (include oppression of women, marginalised races)
Yingdan - philosophy, religion n faith

What to do:
- Finish your part by 22nd Nov. Thurs
- Print out your completed template
- Bring it on 22nd Nov Thurs, when we are having the Lit lesson from 3-4.30pm.

We will get it approved by Auggie, and mass zap for the class.

I would appreciate it if you'd reply this email to acknowledge that you've agreed to participate. Thanks a lot! (:

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