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Monday, August 13, 2007

^^^some of the girls may not understand this reference, but just think tenacity

Those who are reading this pls tell everyone else from the class to read also or pass on the message.

I've called the shirt printer (he's called Max if u wanna know). Here's a rough break-down of the costs:

Shirt - $5 (CHEAP! i nearly went wtf on the phone)
Print (per colour and per side... i think) - $4
Embroidery - $6

Why do we need embroidery? Well, I was thinking we standardized the personalized bit of the shirts (the horrible, horrible oxymoron...) and have our names/aliases sewed beneath the fold of the left collar of the polo shirt (tell me if you can't locate this place and I'll point it out to you). Why the place? One day if you find yourself with only your junior college class tee in your wardrobe and you're broke and have an important engagement later that day, you won't think it's too tacky to put on.

Other than that, I guess everything else is ffa. Which is where you guys comes in:


^BACK! (just imagine that it's a polo shirt with an invisible collar)

Have a great idea in mind for the design? Wanna exercise your long forgotten creative juices? Then download the two pictures above and start drawing! Digital works are preferred, but if you plan to free draw with a pencil/pen, pls scan it into your computer and send it to me. I think that there's a maximum of 11 printable colours per side so pls keep that in mind. I'm told of no other restrictions... but pls try to be practical.

Needless to say, do this asap (like... by this weekend) so I can get the order finalized and we can -finally- get a class tee.

Any complaints or random suggestions? Post it in the comment box.

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