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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hey guys,

In view of the fact that there's
1. A* lecture on tuesday from 3.30 to 5pm
2. The much anticipated CS sessions on wednesdays
3. Mr.Lee's makeup + A*lecture on thurs from 2 - 6pm, pretty much
4. Math Clinic on fridays

Here're the convenient slots available for class bonding:

monday - anytime in the afternoon to 1. go national library study together. 2. find good food (lunch out of school) 3. movies/chilling session in school library, school.

tuesday - 1 - 3.30 pm: catch a movie in school/study at the same time if you want, at the room in the library, you noe, the discussion room thingey.

friday is Yay Eat At High School (YEAHS!) Day. During our PE break. (:

Alrite, plz vote monday or tuesday. we have more options on monday afternoon. so if you guys want monday noon, do choose an option too yea. one man one vote (: tag on message board!

remind the rest to vote too if they don't check the blog k


p.s. we only have 5 more weeks to end of term!!
p.s.s mock prelims end in August
p.s.s.s 3months2weeks to 'A's.

All the best! (:

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