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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hey guys,

gosh this is my first post since blogger did some amendments to the blogging procedure.

not sure how many of you drop by the blog anymore, but anyhow, prelims are drawing near (not forgeting mock prelims) and i guess all of you guys are studying really really hard, or at least are planning to.

but hey hang in there yea! a few initiatives to look out for:

1. weekly bonding sessions. i'll pass a sheet of paper around tmr to finalize when that day will be. it doesn't necessarily have to long, not is it obligatory to attend. but i would like to treasure the time left with the class. hope y'all do too yea. +, we could always mug over a cup of coffee together, like ask questions we're unsure about, update each other on mugging status and all.

2. the history people will be starting a free trade program w.r.t. essay planning and outlines. hope the geoggers have something going on too. i guess we can really improve our consumption (oops did i say consumption i meant grade) possibilities if we work together. the old adage about more heads thinking better than one definitely has some degree of truth in it.

3. of course, not forgetting that with so many things to juggle, there may be a tendency to forget what we really have to do. as in deadlines, homework, and the daily routines. as such, perhaps it would be wise to have a (or resume, in light of our attempts early last year) to have a 'to-do list' for each day.

Alright then, hope you guys respond positively to these suggestions, and all the best for mugging! take it slow and steady yea!

jeriel (:

p.s. i shall start the ball rolling.

stuff to do:

econs tutorial 9b (tjc drq + essay outline if undone)
history assignment that mr. quek posted on ivle in view of his involvement in the leaders' summit nxt week(s)
math approximations tutorial if unfinished
math revision for revision test/retest of bt2 this coming thurs.
issues and ideas exercises on pg. 17 and 20

thats all i can rmb now. plz add to the list if anything's missin yea. right, gonna go start clearing some of that pile of work now haha. cya guys tmr. (:

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