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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Since I am bored and influenced by ggb:

School is a konstant in life. I have my kompany of friends there. What a kontrast to my boring mundane life. Although I get korrected by my teachers and friends, I still think they are as sweet as karamel. I think many people in my class bear unkanny resemblances to one another. People in my klass are kordial; there's a korrelation between height and friendliness. Yesterday my friend ggb kornered me to kajiao me. The girls in my klass are klassy, and the guys hum katchy tunes. We always take kandid pictures with tracee's kamera. People are unkomplicated, and kompliment each other's hairstyles. We komply with school regulations largely and each of us is a vital komponent to 06A13. We always have a problem with komposing ourselves in class due to too much fun and joy and laughter. We love Koleridge's Konversation Poems. Our teachers have taught us komprehensively, but sometimes they kompress our brains with too much knowledge. We have to study nonsense like komparative advantage. We engage in friendly kompetition, and we display great kompetance in our schoolwork. We always smoke but sound konvincing in presentations. We always help each other out by kompiling our model essays, and we always komplain about lousy canteen food. Since our kompletion of our days in HCI are almost over, I bid all my kompatriots "good luck" with such a kompelling case that can only be attributed to QM Lee, matraich of all the kommoners.

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