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Monday, July 16, 2007

leeyang says:

class blog abit dead so i shall update you all with the grand amazing plan yingtse and i drew up today during econs lecture while we were so hungry and deciding what to eat. and our nice amazing plan has been endorsed by so many classmates we shared our vision to. we want to lobby our councillors for the following new canteen stalls by the end of the year! transforming hc into a food hub. yeekai do something!

HC Utopian Canteen

1. drink stall - with gassy drinks and milkshakes
2. sakae sushi
3. kfc/pizza hut/taco bell combined
4. pastamania
5. crystal jade
6. thai express
7. candy empire and 7/11 to replace fish tank
8. muslim stall
9. al'ameen
10. doughnut factory
11. Boon tong kee
12. ben and jerry's
13. carl's junior
14. old chang kee
15. subway
16. breadtalk
17. local delights
18. starbucks

in lieu of the fact that the school canteen might be a bit too small for the stalls we proposed, we have drawn up 3 blueprints for canteen extension. you can take a look at the back of my econs notes when the moment of genius was inspired.

Plan A

we will be removing all the seats in all the lecture theatres, replacing them with terrace dining. yingtse will be the architect in charge of this.

Plan B

We will be replacing the whole track with a grand outdoor alfresco dining experience. sushi conveyor belts will be set up with a vineyard in the background to cultivate our own wine. and small little doughnut factory and benandjerry's stalls will line the background of this alfresco dining place. we shall abolish the annual CSM, and replace it with a competition to see which stall can give the most number of free meals on that day. in addition, cip and cca points shall be combined when performing arts groups serenade diners. cs session will be replaced by students helping out with the preparation of the food. exciting right!

Plan C

canteen extension project. we will be extending our canteen into the netball courts and abolish netball as a sport to accomodate our new canteen wing. more stalls can be set up. in addition, kfc and more stalls will sprout up at the grass patch in front of our class bench because yingtse likes cheese fries at her doorstep. other than our class bench, the whole entire wing and the other wing will be converted into stalls. also, the central plaza will be converted into a street bazaar where about 45 stalls will be set up.

yes our moment of genius inspired this. remember to lobby your nearest welco member!

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