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Thursday, May 03, 2007

fuji says:

Sup guys. The class fund's running a deficit (again) so I'll need to collect money from you all. Some equity issues to settle though:

The geog department's been killing too many trees this year (the irony). The total amount paid to the photocopying shop and other miscellaneous fees comes to around $100. That's about $11 per geoger.

History on the other hand has a bill of $50, and there are more people in our class taking the subject. So it's $4 per historier.

AEPers haven't claimed any money from me. That's $0.

And so in the grand scheme of things, pls bring $15 for class fund tmr (or asap or whatever). History people can minus $7 from that. wonka and shum $11.

Geogers still owe the photocopying shop $40++. Pay kenneth pls.

Warmest regards,
Your Treasurer.

For those interested, the class fund currently stands at -$18.05.

For those not interested, the calculations above are based on a complex algorithm known as agaration.

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