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Monday, May 28, 2007

wonka says:

hi all, today had been an eventful day. I went sheng siong (damn cheap pls) today and checked out on the food that we can have for bbq and the entire chalet. :)

so i generated the following lists that i tot they are quite manageable for us to handle. tag on if u guys think there is any prob (a lot i guess. oh well). ya, i also allocated who should get what. If you want to get the food/stuff that someone else is buying instead, do swap your shopping list with him or her in private. If u don think tt u are a good shopper, i know some peop getting their stuff (like fresh food etc) right b4 going for the chalet. So, U guys could choose to shop as a group then.

ALso, do keep your receipts if u want to get back ur money! oh, if u guys wan cheap bargains, sheng siong is relatively cheaper. Alternatively, go NTUC if u have membership card *hint borrow from junhong*

Last note is that those items in red would be brought, not bought.

BBQ food
1) Lee Yang - hotdogs X approx 25pcs
2) Ruiyi, Jian Yang, Yee Kai, Guo Bin - assorted satays X 100 sticks
3) Shu Min, Olivia - marshmallows X 3 packets
4) Jay - sweet potatoes X 5 (:
5) Ying Tse, Kenneth - Seaweed chicken X 2 packets (must fry first b4 bringing to chalet? i pair 2 of u together as u 2 stay close to each other. )
6) Ying Tse - Jap crispy chicken X 1 packet (must fry first b4 bringing to chalet?)
7) Lee Yang - Sotong Balls X 1 packet
8) Ruiyi, Jian Yang, Yee Kai, Guo Bin - SEASONED chicken wings X approx 40 pcs
9) Kar Weng (with help frm my mum) - Bee Hoon X enough for all
10) Lee Yang - Margarine X 1 (try to bring)
11) Jun Hua, Tracee, Fungg - Medium size prawns X 1 kg (muz peel the body yet keep the head and tail. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on them for seasoning. Quite troublesome.)

Other Food
1) Shi Jia, Pei Yu - Watermelon X 1 (do pick other fruits if u want. You muz bring knife for melons)
2) Shu Min, Oli - Cup noodles X 40 (40 first. can top up by the end of each day)
3) Jeriel - Chips & junk food X infinity
4) Fuji - Ribena or other syrup drink 2 litres (quantity depends size of bottle)
5) Fuji - Chilli sauce X 1 bottle (or other sauces)

1) Yvonne - Long long Satay sticks X approx 150 sticks
2) Yvonne - aluminium trays X 8
3) Ying Dan & Paula - paper plates X approx 40
4) Ying Dan & Paula - plastic forks & spoons X approx 40
5) Ying Dan & Paula - paper cups X approx 40
6) Kar Weng - charcoal X 1 bag
7) Kar Weng - fire starters X 1 box
8) Guo Bin - lighter X 2
9) Yvonne - serviettes X 2 rolls
10) Hong Wei - big tongs X 2
11) Guo Bin - aluminium foil X 1
12) Hong Wei - butter brush X 1

alrite, hope the arrangement is kinda fair. I think something is wrong somewhere but i am juz too tired to double check zzz. emm, i din allocate the shopping list to some peop becos they would not be free to help out. oh ya, tracee, i think don need skewers. Seasoned chicken wings are already chopped up into small parts so satay sticks should be good enuff.

*yawn* muz slp now.

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