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Thursday, May 24, 2007

13 Jun (Wed)
1000 – 1300

25 Jun

General Paper P1 & 2, H1
Physics P1, H1

0815 – 1145

1300 – 1400

26 Jun

Geography P2, H2

Economics P1 & 2, H2

0815 – 1115

1300 – 1500

28 Jun

Mathematics, H2

History P1, H2

0815 – 1115

1300 – 1600

29 Jun

English Literature, H2

0815 – 1015

3 July
History P2, H2
Geography, P1, H2

1300 – 1600
1300 – 1600

It's damn sad cos Hist/Geog end on the last day of exam after a long long weekend, while everyone else like the science students and non-hist/geog students will be playing their asses offffff the entire Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I so do not look forward. SIGH.

okay anyway I realise that the topics tested for math blocks is on the EMB so here it is:

-Graphing Techniques
-Equation and Inequalities
-Series and Sequences (but no AP & GP!)
-P & C
-Complex no.
-Binomial, Poisson, Normal Distribution

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