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Sunday, May 20, 2007

hello hello! =D

i'm here to do some publicity. haha. =/

OAC is organizing overnight biking on 3rd june. that means we'll start 7.15pm 3rd june and end morning of 4th june. =D the cost is $15, inclusive of t-shirt, water, bike, insurance. it'll be damn fun!! so hope you guys can go! form a team as a13 and go join this once in a lifetime experience. hehe. king lam n queen yeo and dear kenny have already indicated interest. =) so jezz sign up now and join in the excitement! =D

interested pple can approach fungg, tracee or me. or any j2 oac prsn. (:

anw its the last week of sch!!!! class chalet coming up! hang on pple! =)

-junhua (:

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