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Friday, April 20, 2007

Hey everyone.

I'm here to sorta convey a message. I met cookie dearest on the MRT today and we were talking about stuff, especially about the class. She heard that lemon tea spoke to us.

She told me some things that shocked me.

1. Our missing in action from Gun Powerpoint lesson on Fri the 3rd is a much bigger incident than we think. President Bush thinks that it was a conspiracy and that we delibrately skipped her lesson. Something along those lines. And apparently, we are sort of being investigated for our actions by the school.

Almost all our tutors have some issues with us. I was shocked to find that the Jinglejangle teacher has complaints too. (Unlike what she told us.) From what cookie dearest told me, I get the feeling that all our tutors think we have a terrible attitude.

Okay, I must admit that I must take the responsibility for the Gun Powerpoint incident because it was definitely because of my failure to clarify things that led to this misunderstanding. I'm sorry for getting the whole class into trouble.

The good point though, is that cookie dearest thinks that our attitudes have improved since last year. (: And she thinks that we are fine in her class.

Well, and she also told me the general complaints from our subject tutors:
- We are way too passive during tutorials.
- We give them 'black face'. (I guess that's how they interpret our sian/tired expressions.)

Cookie dearest suggested that we write an apology card to President Bush about the Gun Powerpoint incident and sorta sign our names on the card as a class. (She says that's the best way to get back on good terms with any tutor.) If that's okay with you all, I will get the card ready by Monday.

And I guess another practical action that we can all take is to... smile more and be active participants during lessons.

It's kinda sad how we're being so misunderstood though.


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