06a13. utterly fabulous.
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Saturday, April 21, 2007

wonka says:

hey, olivia! the followings are behind-the-scenes when u were closing your eyes =)

start of the surprise...

escorts, junhua and tracee, guiding olivia.

oli showing signs of fear.

the class & tent camping at e inner plaza!

yvonne looked like she was about to marry her daughter off. :P

time of revelation *cue drumrolls*
pure disbelief. i guess under the same circumstance, anybody would not know what to do.

highlight of the day - the creamy creamy creamy cake. umm..ok. i guess the tent was supposed to be e highlight.

yeah~ blowing of candles. sorry, i guess i had forgotten abt my camera flash then.

oli posing with her cake. gan's intervention made e composition rather interesting.

thank you, tent buyers. haha, u girls looked like u were at some OAC hike again. =)

e AEP painters! hehe, some interesting points to note. the face in the 'O' and the heart over the 'I' meant to be some stained marks. jh professionally covered them up. haha.

the class girls

06A13 class photo tt would be used for fac outing (jianyang looks cool). hey shum, could u download e photo from here? or u still need me to send you?

YEAH KENNETH! who managed to take a solo pic with e tent.

Again, happy b'day oli. and hope u enjoyed your day.

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