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Thursday, April 19, 2007

wonka says:

hi all again!!! Ever wondered what I did to the huge chunk of AA chocolate that i lugged to school the other day? hehe... a preview for now. Welcome to my chocolate factory -

Chef Wonka experimenting/researching on a new chocolate product. Notice my politically correct smile =). I think i could have this photo on my future recipe books.

closed up shot of e melted chocolate. x100 yum. emm... this is a random fact but i koped the knife from fish tank. (It was a nerve-wrecking experience!)

Yeah! cooking was kinda enjoyable. of course, it was also kinda satisfying to see how my AEP classmates (AND teachers) drool over my coursework. Shall show u guys the ART of chocolates the next post. That will be when I can successfully upload those photos. until then, see ya. =)

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