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Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's okay GB, we all have our moments, just that you have more.

girls got the ball rolling (photowhoring)we burst out laughing. SOMEBODY POST THE WAITRESS PHOTO. KARWENG RIGHT. haha.
okay we regained composure.
kenny started the game of TRUST/THRUST with that seemingly harmless but menacing looking table number.
hongling said the roses have thorns.

they look stoned, absolutely.
gb in a shirt. He does look slightly decent now and we were all extremely taken aback by him.
the roses and cheesy pick-up lines.
haha nobody we know, we just felt like taking a picture of the dressing =P
Mr Teh, shum and clarice doing the lucky draw lots.

hongwei on the phone with his beloved?
once I whipped the camera out...
GB's finger?

weird photo.

Hongwei enjoys huddling with karweng
skinny jeans vs shirt.
pretty shum !
GB attempting a pick up line which made everyone erupt in guffaw instead.
HAHA this is so funny though I'm not sure what are they doing
haha kenny looks like a lumberjack, a cute one at it.
geog girlssss =D
class at fac outing =)
HAHA kenny looks funny here! If I'm not wrong, he said 'HUGS AND KISSES' before going to that pose.
The backstage crew for D'feste!
Fac princes and princesses nominees. CAM RUNNING OUT OF BATT
the low husky sexy voices.

haha the surprise dance item we all laughed our heads off.

LAST SONG: SMACK THAT. so.. GB got thrown on the dance floor.

There you go, the famous (rather, infamous) hipthrusting.

12:32 PM}

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