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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Before talentime....
Jeriel eyeing Guobin. Cafe Cartel=)

Jun Hua and HER foood! and not forgetting the gluttony hands of guobin the monster.

shot no. 1: Look at him, just look at him.
shot no. 2: I don't know why guobin seems to be having spasms!
shot no. 3: argh finally something slightly decent. and only junhong is looking at the right camera!
See lah, the girls settled down so quickly.
Jeriel doing a soliloquy? I think yuxuan took this! haha.
yeah, us after presenting the flowers and cookie to rui yi. adora and mad in the background.something more close up...
look what we found when we were roaming around HMV! Left with one piece only, well concealed in front of Ronin's CD.

Yeah that's about it. Although Jun Hong and Gb were asking "where's music of the night?!"
I think there's JTS with 07A13 at fish & co. @glasshouse on Monday at 7pm. yep! To confirm, ask Shi Jia!
Happy long weekends people! and good job rui yi! =)
-royal protector.

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