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Saturday, February 17, 2007

The owning fac dance! =)) Was watching from 3rd storey and taking pictures. I think in terms of mass participation, we owned the rest although Artemis was super loudd during their cheer. We also owned for sychronisation and the shoutings(we shouted from 3rd-storey too!)! The whole dance was amazing and I'm so glad we owned this.The owning fac dance II!
the decos made capturing this sight a challenge!

The people who hmm, decided to take a break from the danceflooor=). They look so bored! esp Jeriel!

Okay, they decided to smile for the camera, though Jun Hong and Lee Yang still have no idea I was taking a picture.

Fungg And Guobin!

Jun Hua and Kar Weng!

Tracee and Kenny69!

HAHA so cute!

Tracee and Kenny69
HAHA Royal Monster posing without his partner.

Here comes his partner, Fungg.

I managed to capture Gb and Jon's left jerk right jerk =D

The juniors waiting for the music to come on.

The class getting into the arrangement for the dance!

Jun Hua our class dance i/c and Kar Weng her dilligent dance partner!

Royal Monster and Kenny's friend, Edwin=)

Fungg and Guobin. HAHA 'fag'. =P

07A10's signboard. HAHA.

Jun Hong!

Right, Jun Hong again. Didn't manage to get the jumpshots cos they happened too quickly.

ahhhh the class minus some people who mia-ed during streetmarket and the fac heads!

Kenny69 with bunny ears! haha the true-blue photowhore we all know =))

Have a Happy Chinese New Year! Enjoy your goodies, spam more water(in case you get sore throat) and happy collecting angbaoss! See you guys when school reopens!=)))

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