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Sunday, November 19, 2006

XD peiyu says:

Yay! This is my first time blogging hoho! Pardon my singlish though haha! I shall summarize our class outing on 14th Nov at Sentosa x)

One nice day on 14th November we had our class outing at Sentosa Siloso beach! X) Luckily it was not very crowded so we are able to play whatever games we want heh Though I only reached there around 4+ but we had lots of fun haha. Firstly, we played "Monkey" and GB was chosen to be the permanent monkey haha then as the game proceed, those who couldn’t catch the ball had to be monkey la. Eventually the winner was Jeriel I think or was it Ruiyi haha! =x sorry I am old =x5 words: It was just exciting la!! Because some monkeys are damn anyhow! See the ball fly where they just chiong haha especially GB damn scared of him because I didn’t bring extra shirts haha! And he is damn wet and "sandy". Seriously when we reached the end of the game really anyhow liao haha!Ooh anyway mustn’t forget the ball! As we didn’t bring any balls to play so we bought a $5 yellow ball haha. It has 2 smiley faces some more, one is female and one is male because one smiley got flower then I assume is female hah! =x. Though it is small and light but cannot underestimate it ar! As it can be used for many games seriously lol.

You can find out wad other games we had played using it by continue reading heh.

While waiting for yeekai and jianyang arrival, me , Kenneth, Lyly and shijia played a lame game lol. We tried to use the ball to destroy one small sandcastle by kicking the ball at it from far see who kicking skill is good lols. And the winner is LYLY. But however in the end was destroyed by GB because he cheated as he didn’t use the ball. haha =xAfter that, we were all tempted to bury GB with sand again when we saw him lying on the beach =x so we started bury…......Tada!

A cartoon version lols we really put the umbrella which was found on the beach for decoration haha!

Ok emm then after that JY and YK arrived, after quenching our thirst and ate sum tidbits we decided to play a 6 v 6 VBALL! With the yellow ball lollsteam 1: me shijia Fuji jeriel GB Kennethteam 2: yeekai Lyly Olivia jianyang ruiyi karwengHAHA…we had our own special 06a13 way of playing VBAll by involving kicking of the ball =x as long as there are no consecutive 2 touch for a person. Even though the ball is out, you manage to save it still can continue that ball haha! The first game I really think that we are IMBA! Hahah as we were leading 10 points around there but when reaching the finishing point of 25, team 2 started catching up until 20+ however we were able to against all odds and we won ERM... Haha! (-.-") 2nd game lol is our turn being owned by them so we tried to change formation lol but in the end still the same still lose haha!3rd game was the MOST exciting one! Because we kept on ducing haha seriously exciting haha .We stick back to our usual position me, shijia and Fuji back and gb, jeriel and Kenneth front. For team 2, oli, yk and Lyly in front and ry, jy, kw at the back. Sum of us kicked to serve hah and seriously I think not bad =x and lalala we reached a score of 24 : 23 and hoho we won so….our final score is 2: 1 =DIn conclusion, I think all of us play till not bad and is damn fun la beach VBAll haha! =DThen we proceeded to Soccer! Only girls are able to score and the goalpost was damn big hah! Is like one straight line =x so for me I see ball I just anyhow la or pass to lyly =Dteam 1: me, Lyly, jy, jeriel, Kenneth and karwengteam 2: oli, Fuji, yk, shijia, GB and ruiyiHaha the soccer match was kinda hiong. Emm how to describe neh? See ball just run haha! But then we didn’t play long because it was already quite late and we were going to Vivocity for another highlight of the day!

Yay! X) Because 15th Nov is shijia birthday so we all decided to give her a surprise at Carl’s junior at vivo city haha. We started singing happy birthday song when karweng arrived with a chocolate cake which was bought by jay.Ar...seriously I think that we all sing too nice liao la haha as shijia was so touched that she cried abit haha x) Anyway shijia hope u like our surprise for u! =DOhh...Another highlight of the day will be Kenneth haha. He didn’t bring any clothes to change BUT less than 10 mins he was all wet and sandy then we all stunned haha. However, he managed to change his clothes by borrowing yeekai shirts haha.Hopefully all of us can make it for our next class outing =DThe end =D

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