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Sunday, November 05, 2006

HI013 went on a group outing to NTUC fairprice, as a prelude to our epic mission, Operation: Salvation. Armed with our formidable NTUC discount card (aka auntie card), we began on our quest for the essential ingredients to establish a credible concoction of Okinawan flavour. In typical uncle and ahsoh style, we began prowling the aisles, furiously comparing prices in search of the best bargains and deals, simultaneously factoring in the 15% discount from our auntie card. We managed to effectively form a human barricade in front of the tofu section, where we snapped up 900g of tofu for our grand plan later. Unleashing our Okinawan recipe manual, we invited the ire of many other aunties as we proved to be more auntie than them. Our intellects were extensively exercised due to our unseasoned knowledge of the fruit and vegetable market, and hence a fiasco erupted. However, auntie homing systems do not fail and we eventually managed to get hold of our ingredients.

Heading to auntie leeyang's place a short while later, we began plotting on the gradual execution of our scheme "Feed The Examiners". With utmost dexterity and deft hands, we gracefully plopped our tofu into the blender along with generous portions of strawberries and yoghurt. We watched in glee as the blender's merciless blades sliced and diced the ingredients to no more than a bubbling mass. Just as we thought our victory was at hand, we opened the blender, only to be greeted by a strong waft of tofu pungence. TOFU PWNED HI013 for 2000 gold. Deeming the tofu aftertaste too vile for human consumption, we hastily decided on a remake where we ended up with a more safe product for the examiners (and possibly lucky groups HI014 and 015) to enjoy. However, it was regrettable that one of our esteemed members, JAY LEE JIE LUN, decided the tofu had really pwned his head and he couldn't revive. Thus, he left shortly after with the pretext of going to a 6-hour maths tuition fiesta.

Anyway, one down, two to go.

We discovered our strengths in making the fruit salad as we bought an excess of fruits. This led to an overstock in fruits and yogurt in auntie leeyang's fridge. We therefore decided to organize a fruit party for lunch to consume the remaining box of strawberries, 300g of grapes, 4 oranges and a giant honeydew which looked absolutely menacing to the eye. NTUC, unfortunately, decided to cheat the poor uncles and ahsoh of our group, and we discovered with much dismay that one of our mangoes was rotten. However, our skill in Culinary Deception proved godlike as our salad appeared to look extremely pleasing to the eye under a veil of subterfuge otherwise known as MARIGOLD NONFAT YOGURT.

Two down, one to go.

Discovering our undersupply in carbohydrate foods, we decided to take immediate remedial action by sending the remaining two uncles to purchase macaroni as a desirable substitute. Here, we wish to announce that LIM SHUMIN did not possess enough auntie spirit to join us in our food escapade. Along the way, the two uncles also decided our group required recharging as our cooking fiesta had drained us of our energy reserves. Hence they turned to MACDONALDS', leaving the Okinawan lifestyle at the back of their minds, and in the kitchen as well, where all this while, poor auntie leeyang was chopping up an entire onion, clove after clove of garlic and some horrible smelling capsicum that overwhelmed her senses and drove her to curse Okinawan recipes under her breath.

After a suitably long energy recharging session, our group once again set foot in the kitchen to concoct our final dish - Ultimate OK Soup. Whilst overwhelmed with trepidation as a remake was beyond our mental means, HI013 valiantly battled on against the difficulties of the Ultimate OK Soup. Veneers proved to be the crux in our success as despite the burning of our onions, our blender proved to be the eventual saviour from all possibility of detection. As our soup cools now, we eagerly await the completion of the final phase of Operation: Salvation. Good luck and all the best to all other groups, and may the Examiners be Fed.

Presented by: HI013

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