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Monday, October 16, 2006

Hellooo guys. Am taking a break from pw presentation and thought perhaps i should hone my essay writing skills, in view of my brilliant composition marks.

Well, time has, as portrayed in many novels deemed to be literature, ephemerally passed, just as it had unknowingly came. The year 2006 has pretty much come to an end, marked by the passing of the promotional exam. let us mourn...ok thats enough.

I believe, for all of us, the promos were really a challenge. Faced with lacklustre blocks and CA results, most of us, at the very least, understood the importance of working hard for the final test, the final hurdle. Success begins with a thought. This thought, for many of us, translated into action. I saw many of us come to school purposefully, staying back in the reading room or various other 'conducive' environments to study. Others suddenly became hardpressed for time, studying while eating,shitting and sleeping. ok maybe not sleeping.

Unfortunately, some of us were not able to translate this last ditch superhuman effort of (urgh) mugging into fair results. While some of us were pleasantly surprised, others were in for a shock. The grief, the surprise, and the in-betweens were painted on all our faces, when the results were made known.

For those who received decent results, congratulations. However, i think more should be said to those who didn't (achieve the grades they wanted). A much-used phrase, almost to the point of saturation, comes to mind: really, the process is more important than the result. I think this is a pretty valid euphemism. All of us should give ourselves a pat on the back for surviving this period of mugging, and more importantly, having the courage and tenacity to even start the mugging process. Rather than concern ourselves with whether we mugged enough or not, and consequently whether we deserved our marks, i think we should instead be forward looking, and see this hurdle as a stepping stone for future improvement. The promos are, after all, just a small dot in the larger picture of life.

But really, if we liken school to prison - in light of our overflowing teenage angst - then now is the time where we prisonors are let out for that momentary sunshine - where we can, even if confined within the prison compound, go around with our spades and shovels, and like, do gardening or something. Rather than harp on the fact that we are still, without a doubt, in prison, make the best of it! Charlie Chaplin, as the everyman in Modern Times, enjoyed his time in school (ok, sorry, prison). Relax and pursue ur pasttimes during this well-deserved break! And try to forget the past year math promos papers, issues and ideas, history term paper, math lecture test... Hey, after all, that's nxt year's stuff. Worry about it nxt year! (=

Post more on the class blog k and don't forget all the exciting class and faculty events coming our way! We should banish the haze and set aside some time for class bonding and sports too! just as suggestion.

To Peiyu: Peiyu, the class will be behind you all the way in this period of uncertainty. Don't be too worried, ok? You've got 24 pairs of listening ears and company for support.


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