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Friday, October 27, 2006


Tracee here by the way. With beautiful photos! (: Just koped the entire chunk off my blog.

Guys, be jealous! We obviously had so much fun together.

Don't ask me why the lighting turned out like that. But Fung does look quite mysterious here.

Shum likes porcupines a lot! (: It's actually a CD case.

Yingtse, Lyly and Mr Brushes.

This is for you, Lee Yang. Every gold item that we saw reminded us of you.

Oli looks really cute here!

Junhua with the necklace that Yingtse so masterfully picked. (Yingtse's very proud of herself, of course.)

I like this photo! (: Both look quite cool here.

How could we not indulge in some neoprint taking! It was fun as usual.

Look at all of us crowding around the machine watching the pictures being decorated...

The neoprint designers. Haha and both in stripes.

YAY. JTF photo!

Hmm. For the observant few, spot something common.

This is a nice pose. (: It was a pretty spontaneous shot though.

This picture seriously rocks. All of us standing in a straight line. And everyone at the MRT station was staring at us!

Guess the owner of each shoe!

Oh yes, we were suggesting a contest. If any one can label each shoe correctly, they will win a mystery prize! Start from the middle shoe at the bottom and go in a clockwise direction.

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