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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Some very important things to take note of:

Oral Presentation
Rehearsal: 2 Nov, 10.30am at a402
Good news: Slides can be edited up till the day of OP

I and R
Follow the following format:

Group no.:
Project Title:

Oh, and indicate word count at the end. (word limit is 500)
Complete final copy and put into pink file to submit the day aft OP.

I know all this pw stuff is really stupid and irritating... but 2 more weeks and we can trash all our pw materials. Tear, burn , feed them to your dog, whatever. So bear with it, yea? Jia you!

Ok, and on to happier things. Retail for the girls tmr!! Meet at Bugis mrt at 1130 for brunch, then some REALLY INTENSE SHOPPING! Yup, and we'll meet the guys for dinner before Scream.

8:31 PM}

&say again?

there can be no other.

&who we are

Fuji Fungg Hongwei Guo Bin Jay Jeriel Jianyang Jonathan Junhong Junhua Kar Weng Kenneth Lee Yang Lyly Olivia Paula Peiyu Ruiyi Shijia Shum Tracee Yeekai
Ying Dan Yingtse Yvonne

&hello fools

guo bin fungmin junhua junhong jonathan olivia paula tracee yvonne

&something to say


&do not rip