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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

wonka says:

lyly was slamming guobin with a basketball today. nothing new but it's this kind of trivial affair that makes camping at the class bench a joy. =)

ha, lethargy has been hitting on most peop nowadays. I admit that I am one of those victims. Guess that the promo mugging was such a LIFE-drainer that the rest we r having now is just insufficient to compensate the loss of sleep we had then.. However, i am glad that my tiredness just wore off after reading jerryale's post.
Some things are always about 'mind over body'.


AEP peop are making some accessories to sell to the staff (still earning $ for europe trip). goodness, the theme for the staff dinner is 'red indians and cowboys'. hahahaha. i wonder who chose the theme. A student perhaps as it looks like a scam to ridicule all teachers. OMQ.

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