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Thursday, October 05, 2006

the person in the picture right above you now says....
hello oh my this is my first time updating here!
this is specially dedicated to the street netball team of a13 who participated in FOS. and this team consists of (in no particular order..)
shijia peiyu shum junhua lyly fungg yvonne yingdan and myself =)
all of you are my heroes! thank you for taking time and patience off to train for netball, when i have no idea what and how exactly to train, because it's a pretty tough game at least to me, especially the shooting style and footwork(which we didn't cover). i'm glad all of you are willing to try!=) even when we knew we had to face a very strong opponent team, none of you intiated a 'walkover', which was no surprise because i know we have lots of fighting spirit! thank you so much for the fight we put up during the 2 matches!
most importantly, thank you a13 supporters who were around! the cheers, especially for the first match, were booming and i think it placed great pressure on the opponents whom i could tell were quite fearful because their supporters lack fervor and volume(in all sense of the word)!
then.. i can't stop saying thank you. thank those people who helped me in a way or another when i was injured. oh my damn injury prone la. i bet guobin thinks i have tourette when i was being sarcastic during street soccer. sorry arrrr i was really pissed over what i heard during frisbee=/ oh well i hope whatever unecessary tension will be over in a blink of an eye and we can all look back and laugh at all of our 'follies'...
in conclusion....................!!!
the class rocks!!! so does ares =))))))

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Fuji Fungg Hongwei Guo Bin Jay Jeriel Jianyang Jonathan Junhong Junhua Kar Weng Kenneth Lee Yang Lyly Olivia Paula Peiyu Ruiyi Shijia Shum Tracee Yeekai
Ying Dan Yingtse Yvonne

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guo bin fungmin junhua junhong jonathan olivia paula tracee yvonne

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