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Monday, October 30, 2006

Hey guyss, interested in a class outing soon?

Proposed date:
8th Nov (1 day after submit PW GPF)
Proposed time:
10.30 AM
Proposed venue:
Harborfront MRT, then on to SENTOSA
Proposed activities:
1. sports stuff. soccer, bball, frisbee...
2. eat. picnic at the beach. thats the life.
3. sun tan. this is an ongoing process.
4. go vivocity after that! (to cool ourselves down or walk our legs sore)
Things to bring:
1. money.
2. spare clothing.
3. most importantly, yourselves.

Yep, those who have further suggestions or strong objections please tag them down. Rest who can make it and agree wholeheartedly say aye.

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