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Sunday, August 20, 2006

wonka says:

oh dear... after jerryale's intellectual entry, i feel that mine sounds quite dumb. but being a rather shameless person, I am heck caring. btw, u noe that even till now, i will still occasionally type "hope" before typing the correct password. Ha, all becos of my regular visits to tracee's blog. =P Okay, back to the pt. I am just going to show random shots during AEP lessons. It's rather a rare sight to catch.

hehe. our 3 AEP gals sleeping at the same time. fyi, it's rite after theory. HA! apparently, theory drains ur lifeforce. i think i drank enough coffee that day to survive this lesson. Apart from these photos, I still got close up shots on each of them. =) But heh! i still need to survive during AEP kay! Life will be hell for me if i do offend them (considering the fact that lyly can stab me with pointed objects, junhua will force me to go on a diet and shum will pressurise me to go peer tutoring) . Okay, until then, enjoy the photos.

oops, did i just post the close up shots? heehee. a13, i risked my life to post these. but anyway, i must say that their sleeping postures are rather graceful. :P

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