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Monday, August 14, 2006

leeyang and junhong rant in unison:

Our group has been highly unproductive =D

With a combination of superior intellect and unparalleled diligence, we have produced a physical manifestation of our Cover Page based on the projection of our mental faculties. It is deplorable that we have been forcibly coerced into giving our verbal agreement to our ST to hand in our WR draft by Friday. It is with utmost regret that we have to meet in an esteemed group member's house to establish a credible facade to conceal the ominous fact that our PW has just hit rock bottom. It does not help at all, that our ST has an enigmatic presence, and is currently looking at us warily while we conscientiously build a veneer of health statistics to make obscure our lack of achievement for PW. WHAT A CONUNDRUM!

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