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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


hello there. short post here.

quek is asking for songs, as u guys heard today during CT. please don't ask why. he just sorta gave me a list so here goes:

1. Bollywood music. (the "rousing kind", with male + female singing)
2. Chariots of fire theme song.
3. Who wants to be a millionaire theme song.
4. Wheel of Fortune theme song.
5. Rose Rose i love you (Chinese song)
6. Dove Shampoo advertisement song (???)
7. Richard Gere Mastercard Ad Song
8. Mission Impossible Theme Song.

in short, 8 completely retarded tracks.
will anyone help? don't think i can find all of this, seriously.


if u guys have cable and fancy a break from the way-below-par singing of sg idols, check this out. rockstar: supernova.

you won't regret it.

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