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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

wonka says:

my artistic talent is beyond Picasso's. I just started this new art movement - Shakism. You just have to shake your handphone while taking a photo and VOILA - a shakist art. It's so nice pls. Colours being blended as one... lines being blurred... The pictures you get will have their very own visual impacts too! So may i present to you, my artworks___

my favourite and my first shakist art. yingdan said that she wants to paint this. Ha, she has good taste pls. The colours are placed together so harmoniously. Oh ya, I must give some credits to Auntie Lee(...oh i meant Auntie Lao as she is now the official mother of Lyly) for these works of art. I was trying to take a photo of her auntieish pic when she pushed my hand away. And--- the pic turned out to be nicer than the auntie look i intended to take. Blessing in disguise.

my handphone wallpaper. I like the festive feel as it is like fireworks being artistified. it fits the NDP mood btw.

there is this celestin...oops... celestial touch to this pic. the white light and stuff makes the atmospher so floaty and heavenly. btw, i took this pic during maths lect. HAHA. talk about foreshadowing technique. If Mr Wong is here, he will say something like "This 'light' motif is an ominous sign for the Duchess. The bright white somehow suggests an impending doom as well...". Yes, yes, my maths too is facing a calamity. =(

So are you all convinced that Shakist arts are indeed pretty? Tracee was like giving me this bewildered look when I shook my handphone during Lit tutorial. Haha. Hey, it is worth kay! to take nice photos despite being mistaken as a retard.

I am amazed by my artistic discovery. You should too. =)

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