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Friday, July 14, 2006


Not completely successful because not the entire class brought. (: But it was fun all the same.

This teddy bear is mine.

AHHHH. Junhong and his ducky. So cute!! (I meant the toy.)

Yvonne and her Tortoise Baby or sth. (Is that correct?)

Guobin and his 11-year-old Sonic.

Haha. Fung and her pig.

Wonka's pig. Quite cute, I must say. Why does everyone have toy pigs.

THE MARTIAN!! Lol. Junhua and I were like doing stupid things with it during math tutorial. 'Greetings, earthlings.'

Ares Fac Head's idea of a soft toy. -__-'' Still very cute though!

Shum's peanut man thingy. His arms and legs can be moved!!

I was trying to upload the other photos, but somehow BLOGGER wouldn't allow me to.

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