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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

wonka says

it's like HALOOOOOO!!! racial harmony day is coming soon and we r having the celebration tmr. you guys should be excited!!!! *roll eyes* btw, as a bo liao person, i went to google to check how a calcutta taxi looks like. (I kept replaying the song on my desktop after my k boxing with leeyang (= !!)

Images to fit racial harmony theme ->

WOO!!! yellow is the IN-colour of july! ok...i just realised tt jul is like half gone.

u know wad. This malgudi flavoured picture reminds me of 'The Guide'. Talk abt randomness. I hope Ms Yeo can see this. She should be happy that i still remembered the lit text even it's after school! (: Crap, my marco and rosie characterisation qns are still left untouched! Suddenly, i hope that Ms Yeo will not read this blog entry.

it's surprising tt i can find such a nice picture in google. I like.

aiya. why has no one been blogging recently? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

OH! it maybe becos of Mr Tay's words!!! He mentioned that he may view the class blog. (sharks! i din add any cheem terms or vocabs in front.) But ah, our class is filled with so many talented *cough* King *cough* Lammm *cough cough* writers. There ISN'T A NEED to worry wad! ok, i just realised that peop are not bloggin becos they r lazy. ok jkjk, not lazy but busy. yap, busy. btw mr tay, if u are here, HI. Kindly tag to acknowledge ur presence.


Back to the racial harmony thingy. Some official announcements to make. The chinchow/bandung stall will be set up on fri. From 2 to 3 i guess. We still need abt 2 ice boxes. Next thing to announce is tt we should all try to wear those wadever national costumes this fri too. We must aim to be a class that is as AA as leeyang's bag.

-CALCUTTA. taxi taxi taxi in Calcutta. i'm a taxi driver mannnnnnn- I am on an abnormal 'high' today. i think i need more lectures to make my heart sink.

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