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Saturday, July 01, 2006

wonka says:

WOOOOOOO!!!!! PHOTOS Alert! i know they are not of very good quality. I used handphone loh. Wad do u guys expect?! We made ourselves unglam juz to entertain u guys leh. btw, Some of the photos are more blur becos they were taken by leeyang :P. We were like having great entertainment today (k boxing and getting a more glam bag for ly). SO SHUANG! btw, hongwei. how dare u not turn up! I...no comments liao. Oh ya, leeyang blogging today. So she will continue from me.........

leeyang says:
ok unglam pix. and hongwei pangsehed us and caused us to be chased out after our sumptuous k-lunch.

what else are we singing but karweng's favourite CALCUTTA TAXI DRIVER song? he sang it in a lame indian accent, and suddenly, we realised the room wasn't soundproof.

that's me getting on a tata young induced high. the sexy naughty bitchy one.

rapping to huo yuan jia. like super unglam.

huo yuan jia is a very exciting song. very zi high, if you haven't already seen.

karweng singing taufik's "i dream" and adding in assorted harmonies which went out of tune.

HAHA karweng on the sofa pretending he's having his own concert.

karweng thinks he's william hung.

this video caused karweng to snort rice through his nostrils.

yah lah, the super glam bag that karweng instigated me to buy. WITH SEQUINS AND LEATHER. he kept niao-ing my bag and my hair so i bought a taitai looking hairclip. its rather depressing shopping with him. ok very tired, im going to watch kdrama.

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