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Sunday, July 23, 2006

wonka says:

ok, i watched this Nanyang Glitter show (the one Shum tried her best to promote)yester-night. Saying the truth, the show was really good as a whole. N i really enjoyed this theatre club performance put up by Shum and her frens. Their song (One by U2) is like the 'so correct' song choice! The fact that Shum danced well also wowed me loads. However, the sad thing is that her performance was only 5 mins. Haha, i went there just to support Shum in that 5 min segment. Ok to be fair, to be honest, the other performances like CO, choir and chi dance were not too bad as well.

As a reviewer, I will rate it 4 stars. I cant give 5 becos i was like surrounded by this overwhelming Nanyang aura. :P I sat between Cass and Junhua loh. the 2 nanyangers... Hehe, jkjk.

Ok, I will also do some advertising for my dearest juniors. (I will not promote unless it is a good show kay!) It's at hci (high sch) drama centre, 28,29 Jul. You can check out the poster below. SUPER NICE SHOW!!! got a gay, a beng, an indian, a fatty, a mummy's boy. This oddest combi can ensure that you will be laughing thru out the entire show. GO WATCH! if got 10 peop, then can get the tix at $8...

the poster is like so cute pls. I assure you it is the BEST drama performance my juniors ever put up.

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