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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fuji the dismal science rep says:

Hey all, a gentle reminder that we have to prepare for the mock trial session this Friday, even if a substitute teacher is coming in to relief us.

Here are the roles:

Judge - Jay
Prosecutor - Jian Yang
PC companies for DOJ - Yeekai
Netscape - Yvonne
Linux - Ying Tse
Consumers for DOJ - Kenneth
Economist for DOJ - Fuji
Defence Lawyer - Guo Bin
PC companies for Microsoft - Ly Ly
Other Witnesses for Microsoft (if any) - Jeriel (dun slack lar)
Economist for Microsoft - Shi Jia
Researchers for DOJ - Jun Hong, Jonathan, Olivia
Note Makers for DOJ - Jun Hua, Lee Yang, Kar Weng
Researchers for Microsoft - Ying Dan, Paula, Peiyu, Ruiyi
Note Makers for Microsoft - Fung Min, Tracee, Shu Min

If I missed any of your names pls tell me. My eyes are failing me...

Oh, and there is no make-up lesson on Monday. Be happy!!!

Something I made for fun :)

8:44 AM}

&say again?

there can be no other.

&who we are

Fuji Fungg Hongwei Guo Bin Jay Jeriel Jianyang Jonathan Junhong Junhua Kar Weng Kenneth Lee Yang Lyly Olivia Paula Peiyu Ruiyi Shijia Shum Tracee Yeekai
Ying Dan Yingtse Yvonne

&hello fools

guo bin fungmin junhua junhong jonathan olivia paula tracee yvonne

&something to say


&do not rip