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Sunday, July 30, 2006

wonka says:

I am sad that i couldn't make it for Ares Night =( looks like i missed out lotsa stuff. haizzz...never mind, i will make it for the next year's one so as to witness our class be crowned the ARES class of the year =) oh ya, leeyang forced me to post this entry. she just wants to tell the whole world that she is a tai tai. FINE.

Remember this photo not long ago? ->

her auntie agony photo. today, i present to you her complete series of auntie pix. she loves it pls. gawd, I am planning to distance myself from her for a while.

leeyang, are u happy now? the world knows that u are an auntie already. U don hav to prove ur point again and again. btw, she told me that her photos can increase the no of visitors to our blog. HAHA, we shall see.

oh ya, before i end this entry, let me show u another creation of auntie lee

errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............some of u should hav seen it already right? she snatched my econs notes and doodled on my paper! but saying the truth, the pigs are rather cute. tt's why i forgave her. btw, this is a psychology test. choosing the different type of pigs can tell what character traits do u have. ha, u can get the answers from leeyang. *yawn* i am tired. i shall go bathe now. =D

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