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Friday, July 21, 2006

wonka says:

thank you too, fung! alrite, must list out the peop to thank. Hope i can remember...

btw, when i got back home, my mum gave me this ->

chinchow, if u din realise. gawd, after all the selling of chinchow.

ok, back to peop to thank

- Yvonne for buying the bandung syrup. (this gal is enthu abt the stall lah. very good very good) U also stayed till the end of the day. Thanks ah!!!

- Lyly for getting cups, evaporated milk and selling the stuff too. Though we still got 100 over cups left, we still managed to earn supernormal profit.

- Fung for all the money stuff. she managed to think of everything that is necessary lah. the coins and stuff... indeed a responsible treasurer. and

- olivia for keeping money for now

- Tracee for ice and manning the initial part of the stall

- Junhua for icebox and getting ur caina to buy

- leeyang for the tap thingy

- ruiyi and jianyang hu still managed to sell our drinks despite the fact that they got their fac stall to man

- shum for seeing u around

- shijia for ladle (got someone as well? i forgotten. sorry)

- kenneth and other guys for clearing the chinchow. btw, U all are not supposed to pour the chinchow into the toilet bowl! nvm, let's hope that the cleaners can tahan.

- guobin, fuji for manning the stall too and junhong who came and sell too.

- hongwei for wearing the nice costume that entertained us for the entire day

Crap lah. so many peop. i am sian already. I should just put "Thank you 06A13". Crap. sorry, if i miss any of ur names. I am pissed after all the recapping. Thanks everyone anyway!!!

i am rather happy today :)

ps. i want to win the class photo thingy. I want the vouchers!!! guobin should have worn the sari all the way. we will then confirm win. nvm, i take back my words. guess i will not do it too. :P

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