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Monday, June 12, 2006

The following is based on a true story, with several elements edited for dramatic effect. Any attempt to recreate these events is higly unavisable. The author takes no responsibility for any injuries, mental retardations, suicidal thoughts, or banannas incurred in releation to this work.

fuji mourns:

After over ten years of loyal servitude, the wooden bed frame that has kept me company all those lonely nights has passed on...and I wasn't even at its side during its last few moments T_T

As you all know, for the earlier part of last week, the brotherhood was involved with the Ares camp, so I was absent from home. When the camp ended, and after a short interlude, I once again set off for another three day stint at bowling camp/chalet/gambling den. My bed frame was still in one piece before I left, and I expected to return to still see it as such.

Fate had other plans though.

Apparently, just after a day I had left, three of my younger cousins dropped by for a house call. Seeing that I was not around and my room was practically open for public use, they decided to jump around in it.

My grandma told them not to, since the floor is hard and they might fall and break something.

Floor. Hard. Bed. Soft. Eureka!

My brother joined in the fray soon enough, and as the four bounced to their hearts content, disaster struck.

Somewhere in Sentosa, my friends thought I was delirious, for I swore I heard an epic roar of thunder.

Splinters flew everywhere as the bed frame snapped in two under the weight of four children jumping on it. There was a dull thud as the mattress fell to the floor, saving the children from harm. However,the damage was already done: my trusted companion of the night lay broken and beyond saving.

I had not known its demise until I returned on Sunday. By then, the crime scene had already been cleared of all evidence. All hopes of trying the culprits for murder have been dashed, but oh how I wept! My room now is barren beyond what mere words could describe, and I doubt any other bed frame can fill the empty void that exists now in my very being, even if its the Great Singapore Sale right now and everything is on discount. Curse you energetic but senseless adolescents! I will have my revenge!

The memorial service will be held when the garbage man comes. Those of you who can take the time off from your busy scehdules to come down please do so.

Everyone, please cherish the time you spend with your bed. You never know what tomorrow will bring, and one day, they may just disappear without you knowing.

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