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Saturday, June 03, 2006


Hey 06a13! I was surfing around some blogs that belonged to other classes. And somehow, I just felt so thankful to be in the class that I'm right now.

I've read for myself about some the issues that certain classes face:
(a) A severe lack of class spirit
(b) The whole class is filled with diehard muggers
(c) Problems integrating the 1st and 2nd intake
(d) Loads of internal conflict
(e) Being extremely clique-ish

I can safely say that we don't really have such problems.

The people from the Russian trip were telling me how grateful they were to be in our class... And now I can't help but agree with what they said.

All of us are very different in our own special ways, and believe me, I kind of like the way that we manage to click together despite our differences. To me, that's all that matters.

It doesn't matter if we're not a RAH-RAH ULTRA BONDED SUPER ENTHU sort of class. But this is a class where I know I'm comfortable in, and I know I've found friends whom I can share my joy and sorrow with.

My point of this entry is - THANK YOU 06A13! I love you guys loads.

I couldn't have asked for a better class, really.

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