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Monday, June 12, 2006

fuji follows through:

Folling wonka's pioneering footsteps, here's a set of before and after pics of my room

I was combing through my room searching for... stuff... and I ended up like this.

My mum came in and nearly screamed her head off telling me to tidy up.

*hyper cleaning mode activated*


5 minutes later...

All clean and shining some more. It's not because I turned on flash for my camera okay? I'm serious!

Bleh. The you-know-whats are looming, and I am in no mood to study. One redeeming factor is that I finally got all my notes and stuff organized to mug... except that I'm still stuck at the cup.

Ah well.

To all the world cup fans, happy watching the matches. To everyone else, happy watching something else.

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