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Friday, June 02, 2006

Jerryale says:

Today happens to be one of the most memorable days of my life. In essense, it can be summed up by 2 words. Or one. if you add a hypen - which is grammatically sound. The word is: window-breaking. Yes. Window breaking.

I was on my way to the rugby field for training when my anxious foot connected with the rugby ball in my hands. The resultant reaction (according to Newton's third law or something)was the breaking of a couple of window panes that divide the staircases in Block A along the middle.

You know, whenever you walk up the stairs and just before you change direction and attack the next flight of stairs? Yes. Those windows.

Ok so back to the story. So yes, the windows broke. And what makes the act of window breaking such a memorable one? Of course, the sound. The shattering sound of the window panes was so loud and shrill, that all the classes that were conducted in the premises probably stopped. At least i knew i disrupted the wushu training session.

Off the tangent a little; I was actually kicking the ball, unknowingly of course, in front of the whole wushu team at the inner plaza. They were doing some stretching or PT or something when the floating ball connected with the panes. In that moment - a moment that to me had that dream-like, slow-mo quality to it - their training was interupted by the sound of shimmering, silvery, yet still shattered, glass (pardon the aliteration).

I was like stunned. It wasn't a 1 second or 2 second thing. It was like a long while. Of course, that was before I realized the incredulous nature of what i had done. And the consequences should I be reported/caught/sent to jail. That was when time begun moving again - at an unforgiving speed, as if to make up for the slow-mo experience before.

There I was, right foot wearing a soccer boot, left leg bare, running to the class benches amidst the silent stares of the wushu troupe (and probably a few fingers which say like "hey! i noe that guy!"). Grabbing my bagpack, my half unzipped shoebag, one sandal and one running shoe hand in hand (and probably looking like some hermit while i was at it), I begun planning my escape. Yes. But what would be an escape without ridding the crime scene of the evidence? Naturally, the criminal in me grabbed the incriminating yellow ball too. And off I ran like never had i before, towards the high school field. To kick some more. Sigh. My addiction with kicking.

So like two hours, a meal heavier, and a few more kicks later, I decided to accompany a friend back for his interview. And yes, retribution. I was caught by an estate officer who promptly called three other colleagues down to inspect the crime scene. Probably they just found out about the broken windows. Four guys to inspect broken windows. Yes. Following which I was personally escorted to the admin office to fill in an administrative form titled "Incident Report".

But that is another story for another day. A story which I fear may bore you if I indulge in my senseless rhetoric (yes I was trying to persuade you that I was somewhat innocent. Hey, it was unintentional ok.)

In conclusion (albeit a lousy and abrupt one), Jerryale signing off. Hope you guys have fun during the hols. And try not to succumb to the temptation of ball kicking yea?

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