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Friday, May 26, 2006

yvonne screams:

hello guys. since everyone is busy spamming photos, i shall upload some photos featuring our dear auntie leeyang!! wahaha. hope u guys enjoy them! comments to liven up class blog too!!

leeyang at her best.

here are the new ambassadors for the newest version of i-gallop. haha.

shumz says:

Hi! So following in Ruiyi's footsteps, here's my bit of advertising. Nanyang family concert on 22 July. Anyone interested? There's gonna be all the nanyang performing arts, which are all pretty good (ask any ny girl). Chinese dance of course, which is like really REALLY good (ask any ny girl). Oh yeah, and plus all the cute little kids from nanyany primary and kindergarden. I'm performing too, with theatre club. Don't wanna reveal too much, but it's kind of a dance - to THE greatest song of the century (it's been voted so). And, theatre club performances have always been oh well, interesting (again, ask any ny girl). And unlike Ruiyi's sucky venue, it's gonna be at the esplanade... so yea, definitely gonna be quite big. Tix are at 15 bucks. sms me before monday if you're interested.

ok, enough of that.

Hope you guys had a great time at sabbs. 'Cos I'm pretty sure the graffiti ppl did, yea?

Just don't be too surprised if you see funny scribbles starting to show up on the walls around school. haha...they're a bit too clean right now. Here are some pics:

* explains the words on the board

wonka's and our dearest fac head's masterpiece. The person at the left is our cool cum zai instructor, TRASEONE!!! * "Yandaos" & "We R Hot"

haha...ruiyi and guobin "POSING" with their work


this belongs to Lyly and one of our AEP classmate, Sophia


the final one! and of course tracee and I REALLY like it. Apparently, i am still following the "LESS IS MORE" concept. :) btw, our theme is somehow connected to lyly's work if u all realised...


Fuji has a revelation:
Hello ppl. Wishing you guys a decent school holiday up ahead... or not -_-

Unfortunately I found a post-it Mr Lee gave to me the other day regarding our 14th June make-up tutorial (you guys do know that we have it rite?). It says that it'll be in class A208, from 1:30pm to 3:00pm, give or take. Furthermore, the class SHOULD complete the following by then:

1) Tutorial 4B
2) P&C Tutorial Q1-8
3) At least 10 questions from holiday homework

Hope you guys had enjoyed your sabbaticals. I just spent the entire day playing majong ^_

3:33 PM}

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