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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNETH! First note :D siesta reaches 17 years old :D.

SYF was great! Good work to ALL Cast (Wonka!:)), Props (Lee Yang and Yingtse ^^) and last but not least CHORALE! (note: in caps. sorry biased). I think we did great really, but i think i'll miss our Ares play. We've performed it so many times now, the lines seem to slide thru my mind and the scenes just plays themselves over and over again. Working with this years crew was really an AMAZING experience, all the late nights, taxi rides, fumbling of lines, making up of insults.... the fond memories will truly last for a long time if not forever ^^

17 people in 06A13 took part in this play. 8 who supported it all the way which we really really appreciated :D! Thank you all so much. Now as i promised ( in my new craze of taking photos), here are your random photos for today. :P

Cheerleaders ^^ Err... "Go Trumpy? :)"

"Nightmare Chorale" or so they call us x.x "Daddy?"

YAY Cake :D Blackforest B-day cake ^^

" Ahahhahaha..." Go Wonka! :)

Yingtse+ strawberry = ??

Hee post more some other day :D

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