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Sunday, May 14, 2006

ry says:


i am not a blogger. in fact i don't think i've been at the controls of a blog since like, last last yr or smth. so please forgive me if i end up spouting shit.

okay so if any of u caught the FA cup final last night (i doubt so, though) u wld've seen the mighty liverpool come from behind to snatch a win from within the grasp of west ham united (who were leading 3-2 with 3 minutes to go) to clinch the trophy. it was a crackin' match, simply put. exhilarating. 6 goals in 120 minutes of football, plus penalties. the mental strength of this liverpool side was just incredible. imagine going 2-0 down and fighting back to tie it 3-3 when you're staring at unavoidable defeat, and subsequent heartbreak. it's almost enough to justify these superstars' six-figure weekly salaries. in pounds, mind you. and one man - england midfielder steven gerrard - should be highlighted for particular praise. the liverpool captain single-handedly dragged his side back from the dead, revived it, and inspired belief in his side which led to the win.

i'm rambling.

those of us in history had our little u.n. seminar on saturday. 9am-5pm, filled with talks by ppl of different nations. brazil, africa, china, you name it. topics like the devt of the world economy, the u.n. security council, blah. doesn't sound very interesting, does it.

it wasn't.

yeekai observed that at some juncture the only 2 06a13 ppl awake were jeriel and himself. the rest, ALL slping. damn funny. in fact we moved from our initial positions in the 2nd row on the first floor to some corner on the second floor just to be more.. out of sight.

most of us paid our 30bucks to slp in a nicely air-conditioned auditorium, then. not to mention, the food! the lunch was pretty decent, at some chinese restaurant. but that didn't stop most of us from leaving like at least 2 hours early. only 2 ppl left at 3+ were paula and shijia i think. quek must've been peeved, but screw him.

champion of the day had to be jay (that rhymes). he forgot there was such a seminar, and arrived on the scene at 1.10, a gd 5 hours after it started. and then he left at 3pm! two hours of enlightenment - he did say that it was quite interesting. and no, he wasn't aslp.

(haha and when he called me at 12+ i told him there were loads of hot chicks at the event, to con him into coming. he did, and the result? absolute zilch. hello it's a history seminar!)

actually there was ONE looker from rj. half-caucasian face, long legs. full credit should go to our dearest fac head for pointing her out.

freakin' buaya fac head. he takes after dawei.

oh and all go test the steadiness of ur hand at http://www.winterrowd.com/maze/

heard guobin top-scored in this one. on ur sound if u wanna do better.

see u guys tmr.

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