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Thursday, May 25, 2006

yvonne speaks:

hey guys! our blog has been rather quiet!!where is everyone?!

haha..wanto thank everyone who went to choir concert and for the beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers (ahem wonka!). oh, and how was sabbaticals so far? me, leeyang and shum had a great time at salsa shaking our butts away to the music! haha. and we took picture with the pole! haha. super zai.
here are some pictures that i promised!

leeyang the peeka-boo and yvonne the ghost

leeyang the auntie! WAHAHA.

shum, leeyang and yvonne at the pole.
SEXY? haha (:

okay ppl, try post more stuff ok. more pictures too. cuz its getting blahhh in here (:

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