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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Aunt Agony's manager A.K.A. Wonka says:

hi all! doing some advertising here... There will be an Aunt Agony's mailbox at the class bench soon. You can flood her with all yr problems and Lee Yang...emm....Aunt Agony will try to reply to you as soon as possible :) Pls sign off with specific nicknames so tt she can get back to u.

ps. the above is just a wild idea. (not true hoh) HOWEVER, if anyone is interested, kindly feedback to leeyang

HAHAHAHAHA...i was like talking to leeyang in the aftnoon and we thought of setting up this column in future ARES magazine......haha :D we very bo liao.

leeyang says:

oei karweng, im ominously warning you now, stop slandering me or you'll be faced with a mysterious onslaught of rumours about you propagated around the school! first huayu cool, now aunt agony. it's rather distressing how i get led around by karweng in such campaigns. karweng thinks he can get into fac comm, and is now talking about eating his stupid huayu cool fireworks. and i think i look fantastic in wigs. and i miss yingtse, no mnm-crunching partner during chinese. i like thursdays. :D

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