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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

leeyang says:

oei you all stop mugging and come post la, this blog is a wonderful outlet for expressing our creativity in various ways. today's death method is by being run over by a cement mixer. alternatively, i can choose to get choked on my mother's GMD dinner (Grotesque Marine Delights (fish, stingray, shark, possibly whale as well), not to be confused with China's Guo Min Dang). And i need to start sedating my mother and restraining her, her fingers are starting to fuse with the xbox consoles. and congrats to a13 councillors jianyang and yeekai =D

1 random thing to do during break tomorrow

Buy a plate of rice from the chicken rice uncle. Go back to your seat and start counting the number of grains of rice. Then, go back to the stall uncle and proceed to create a scene, insisting you were cheated out of 8 grains of rice. THIS IS ONLY FOR SEVERELY BORED PEOPLE LIKE ME.

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